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Meet The Board, Officers, and Advisors

Dan Coughlin (Secretary): Retired social studies teacher and professional development leader, Dan is a past President of the Connecticut Council for Social Studies. He brings years of experience in education and project management to Chamberlin Mill, Inc.’s education and interpretation committees.

Julie Drouin (Assistant Treasurer): Experienced financial executive with a love of Chamberlin Mill that began twenty-five years ago. Julie declares that “To see it be restored has been amazing and I am so proud of our Community.”

George French: Sawmill maintenance staff for Hull Forest Products and member of Woodstock’s Open Space and Farmland Preservation Committee. George brings a strong knowledge
of regional sawmill history to work on Chamberlin’s building and interpretation committees.

​Ayla Kardestuncer: A member of the Chamberlin Mill events committee, Ayla is involved in Chamberlin’s community outreach and fundraising activities.​

Jean McClellan: A retired teacher and preservation activist, Jean took a lead role in Chamberlin Mill’s revitalization from the beginning. She served as president of Chamberlin Mill, Inc. from 2012 to 2022. Jean continues to serve on the interpretation and development committees.

Maureen Olshewski (Treasurer): Vice President, New ​​England Plasma Development Corporation. Maureen was an original board member of Chamberlin Mill, Inc.

Jeffrey Paul: Retired President of Whitcraft Group. Jeff serves on the education and interpretation committees and as liaison to educational institutions for experiential learning activities.

Andrew Quigley: Owner/operator of a local sawmill, Andy has been involved in every aspect of the effort to revitalize Chamberlin Mill from the beginning. He led the reconstruction of the Lane #1 saw and serves on the building and interpretation committees.

Richard Roberts (Legal counsel): Partner, Halloran and Sage, Hartford. Raised in Woodstock. Roberts has served as pro bono counsel for Chamberlin Mill, Inc. since 2012. He serves on the finance committee. ​

​Nate Rosebrooks: Retired president of Fluid Coating Technology. A machine designer and builder, Nate is the force behind the rebuilt Studebaker engine for the Mill and serves on the building and interpretation committees.

​Cassandra Ryan: Vice President and Chief Development Officer for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Cassandra brings her expertise to Chamberlin Mill'
s development committee.

Gail Usher (President): Education Coordinator for Historic New England’s Roseland Cottage and Arnold House, with thirty years’ experience in history museums. Gail was instrumental in early efforts to assess Chamberlin Mill’s viability when she was president of the Woodstock Historical Society. She serves on the education and interpretation committees.

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