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Background & Vision

Chamberlin Mill, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and sustaining a historic circular sawmill in Woodstock, CT as a resource for the benefit of current and future generations. The organization, established in 2012, holds a federal 501c3 tax exempt designation.

The effort to save Chamberlin Mill began in 2008 when The Nature Conservancy acquired the property from the Chamberlin Family Trust as part of the Conservancy's Still River Preserve. Recognizing the rarity of the site, The Conservancy worked with The Woodstock Historical Society and Woodstock Historic Properties Commission to ascertain if the Mill could be preserved and sustained. With grants from the CT Trust for Historic Preservation structural conditions and feasibility studies were completed, leading to the information of Chamberlin Mill, Inc. The site was listed on the CT State Register of Historic Places.

In February 2014, The Nature Conservancy deeded the Mill and a small plot of land to Chamberlin Mill, Inc. Since that date, Chamberlin Mill, Inc. has worked diligently to preserve and restore the Mill’s structure and machinery, and to develop a community and educational presence. It is supported in this endeavor by various grants, a network of dedicated volunteers, and donations from community organizations and individuals.

Recognizing the rarity of historic operating sawmills and their importance to the development of New England communities, Chamberlin Mill, Inc. is committed to keeping this Woodstock, CT survivor structurally sound, accessible, and alive, an active presence in its community and beyond.  It will offer educational opportunities to the general public, special interest groups, and students of all ages, including research possibilities for students from middle school through university.  It will offer on-site presentations, demonstrations, workshops, walks and other events for a range of visitors. As research continues to increase knowledge of the Mill’s history, this will be shared through on-site exhibits as well as through website and other media. 

Chamberlin Mill, Inc. intends its historic site to play an active part of keeping a significant and often overlooked early agricultural/industrial chapter of New England history alive.

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