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A selected list of Northeast U.S. Sawmills and Mill-related organizations


Hanford Mills Museum
1800s water-driven circular sawmill; guided tours, workshops, and demonstrations. 

Hatch Mill
Restored up-down/sash sawmill structure.

Ledyard Sawmill Park
Operating 19th -century water-driven up-down/sash sawmill with sawing demonstrations in the spring.

Old Sturbridge Village
Up-down/sash sawmill, gristmill, and extensive collection of historic buildings. 

Robinson Sawmill
1800s building with circular saw and water turbine. 

Sanborn Mills Farm
Up-down and circular saws demonstrated in 19th -century sawmill; a gristmill and workshops in traditional crafts. 

Mill-related Organizations

Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM)

Society for Industrial Archaeology (SIA)

Connecticut Historical Organizations

CT Humanities

Preservation Connecticut

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