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Summer 2017

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Thanks to the skill of Peter Hamm and Historic Preservation Associates, Chamberlin Mill now stands straight and proud again. Sills, joists, posts, flooring, and siding have been meticulously repaired or replaced where needed. Before winter, we hope to have a new roof as well. We are very grateful to Summer Hill Foundation, and many donors for making this possible.

(Right Photo) Building committee members inspect Peter Hamm’s completed timber frame repairs.

(From Left to right) Myron Stachiw, Peter Hamm, Andy Quigley, and Lyn Smith.

An interesting set of diaries was uncovered by researcher Myron Stachiw. Frederick Stone, keeper of the diaries and member of the Sessions-Stone-Chamberlin line, worked at the Mill in the 1890s and gives telling information about fall to spring work at the mill and summer work, growing crops and constructing buildings, including a surviving nearby barn.

Woodstock Academy engineering and architecture students, under the direction of Peter Sumner, used 3-D modeling to construct a plastic model of Chamberlin Mill’s water turbine, and wood model of the Mill’s timber frame. Many thanks to Sumner and his students for this work, and board member Jeff Paul for arranging it.


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