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Fall - Winter 2020

Progress is visible at Chamberlin Mill. Site grading and entrance deck construction are complete, and work has begun on the engine shed described in Spring-Summer 2020 News. While grading was a contracted project, all other work has been undertaken by an amazingly skilled and dedicated group of volunteers—Leo Morissette (contractor, leader) , George French, Andy Quigley, and Nate Rosebrooks.

Chamberlin Mill, Inc. has also removed a small grove of ash trees located close to the Mill’s southeast corner. The trees are victims of the Emerald Ash Borer infestation that has been moving persistently eastward in the past few years. Located just beyond the Mill’s property line on land belonging to The Nature Conservancy, the trees were removed with kind permission of the Conservancy. A professional tree service completed the work, leaving logs for the Mill to use.

The logs were taken to Andy Quigley’s sawmill in nearby Pomfret, CT, where Andy sawed them into boards using his Lane # 1 saw. Nate Rosebrooks assisted Andy in this work. The boards are now safely drying in Chamberlin Mill, in preparation for use as siding for the engine shed.

With grant support from The Last Green Valley , Chamberlin Mill, Inc. has been able to establish a digital newsletter this fall. Many thanks go to for making this and many other regional opportunities possible.

Amanda Bennett, whose volunteer efforts were critical in redesigning the Chamberlin website earlier this year, was hired on as a consultant to this project, designing a newsletter template and training volunteers in its use. The first newsletter was emailed to Friends of Chamberlin Mill at the end of September, and a second issue in January. For this project, Amanda went well beyond her contracted services, and remains an invaluable volunteer for Chamberlin Mill. Many, many thanks.

If you would like to receive the Chamberlin Mill newsletter, please email us at

When snow settles on Chamberlin Mill it brings a special stillness to the site. This has been a good winter for snow.


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