About Us

Chamberlin Mill, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sustaining Chamberlin Mill as a historical and educational resource for the benefit of current and future generations. The organization was registered in 2012, and has received federal 501c3 tax exempt designation from the Internal Revenue Service.


The effort to save Chamberlin Mill dates back to to 2008 when The Nature Conservancy acquired the property from the Chamberlin Family Trust as part of the Conservancy's Still River Preserve. The Conservancy sought local partners who might be interested in preserving the mill. The Woodstock Historical Society stepped forward, in partnership with the Woodstock Historic Properties Commission. Together they worked to list the mill on the CT State Register of Historic Places and secured grants from the CT Trust for Historic Preservation that allowed structural conditions and feasibility studies to be completed. These studies found that the mill is both worthy of preservation and that a sustainable future is possible. 


During this preliminary phase, a group of volunteers working under the aegis of the Woodstock Historical Society cleared out the mill structure, inventorying and removing to safe storage important artifacts. The site was secured, and through a grant from the Society for the Preservation of Old Mills, structural supports were put in place to maintain the mill's stability. Work then began to establish a long-term custodian for the mill. This led to the formation of Chamberlin Mill, Inc. in August, 2012.


With 501c3 tax exemption designation secured, Chamberlin Mill, Inc. is moving forward with plans to preserve the site for the enjoyment of future generations.